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Keep Your Vehicle Looking Fresh and Clean

Our Ceramic Coating Maintenance Program

Maintain the integrity and shine of your vehicle's ceramic coating with proper routine maintenance. We'll make sure your vehicle is properly cleaned ensuring that your coating remains in top condition, retaining its hydrophobic properties, brilliant shine, and lasting protection.


Recommended 6-Week Booster Application

To keep your ceramic coating performing at its best, we recommend our booster product application every 6 weeks. This helps safeguard your investment, preserving the coating's resilience against environmental factors and maintaining its water-beading effect.


Our Different Maintenance Packages

We offer 2 variations of our maintenance package for ceramic-coated vehicles - one being our independent ceramic maintenance program which would include us coming out to wash just the exterior of your vehicle every 6 weeks, and the other variation is our standard 3-week maintenance program which includes an interior detail with an added Ceramic BOOST application every 6th week. 


Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with long-lasting protection and a clean vehicle. Contact us today to schedule your ceramic coating maintenance service and ensure your car stays in showroom-worthy condition.

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