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We fit the bill if you're searching for an auto detailer that'll get the job done right the first time! When you choose Cummings Mobile Detailing, you are choosing quality and professionalism. With our keen eye for detail coupled with our perfectionist mindsets, we go above and beyond to ensure that you're happy with our results. 

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Overview of our mobile detailing services in Zebulon, NC:

Interior Detailing: The goal of our interior detailing services is to achieve the best condition possible. We clean the center console, door panels, floor mats, seats, headliner and we make sure to get into all of the little nooks and crannies! 

Exterior Detailing: Looking to get the exterior of your vehicle looking like new? Our exterior detailing services are a great option. Additionally, if you choose to get our deluxe or premium detail packages, we'll wax the exterior for a more glossy and protected surface.

Basic Detail Package: If you're looking to get just a quick interior wipe-down and vacuum, as well as a wash & dry on the exterior. This service package is ideal for you. Click here to see what's included in our basic detail package.


Deluxe Detail Package: If you're looking for a detail package that'll increase the shine and protection of your vehicle's paint, our deluxe or premium packages are right for you. Here's what you get with our deluxe detail package:

  • Gentle hand wash and wax application to increase shine and protection.​

  • Clay bar treatment to remove any additional contaminants and make the paint feel super smooth

  • Wheel & tire cleaning + tire shine application for a wet-looking tire.

  • Door jamb, glass & window cleaning

Premium Detail Package: Looking to get the most thorough detail for your vehicle? This package is made for you.

The premium package includes everything in our deluxe detail package + an engine bay deep cleaning and a headliner deep clean. This service package is also great for anyone looking to sell their vehicle!

Learn more about our individual services:

  • Exterior Wash & Dry

  • Wheel and Tire Cleaning

  • Door Jambs, Glass & Window Cleaning

  • Clay Treatment & Wax Application

  • Engine Bay Deep Clean 

  • Interior Surface Cleaning

  • Headliner Deep Clean

  • Seats, Carpets, Trunk & Floor Mats

Testimonials From The Zebulon Area

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Valued Customer

"I had a little bidding war between two dealerships. The final sale price is almost $2000 more than where we started. I believe the very nice detail work allowed me to get top dollar from a dealership on a 10-year-old car! Thank you!



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